Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Our Mission




The mission of the Willow Creek Gospel Music Jamboree is to present the gospel through music. We value interfaith relationships, and our Christian heritage. We seek to promote our family friendly communities, and through our Jamboree, seek to provide a venue for developing Western Canadian Christian musicians. 

Mission Statement Explanation: It was the desire of the original committee, to accomplish the following:

  1. To have a safe environment for non-believers to come and enjoy Christian music and to hear the Gospel in the words of the entertainers who share their music and their testimonies. This is also a venue where Christians can invite non-Christians who are nervous about church. 
  2. This is a venue where non-Christians can get a glimpse of what the Christian Life is all about. Often they have remarked that they did not realize that Christians can have so much fun. 
  3. This is also a venue for Christians to enjoy good, quality Christian music and be encouraged in their walk of faith. It is hoped that each person in attendance will come away with a deeper, renewed faith.
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